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Blockland Spawn
Blockland Spawn item and enchantment shop
Windmill and Blacksmiths
Portal World
Creative Plotworld

Blockland is a Minecraft community dedicated creating a fun, friendly community atmosphere where players of all skill levels and ages can enjoy playing Minecraft in a no griefing and no PVP environment in our main world. We now have Factions and LWC on our server to prevent greifing.
We operate a Multiverse server with Survival World, Creative World, Survival Plotworld, Survival Games, Mob, Spleef and PVP Arena's.
We do not operate a "white-list" system or force new members to wait for admin approval before joining the server. The only thing we ask is that you read and follow our server rules.
We have wide range of plugins enabled and we are always open to suggestions of new server features from our members and have a community website located at

Server Info:
We have a fast and reliable server with 5632MB RAM, 50GB HDD, 4CPU Cores and Unlimited Data transfer.

Enabled Plugins:
SimpleAnnouncer Tekkit, SwearingBlocker, GroupManager, Buycraft, Vault, uSkyBlock, AntiFire, TreeAssist, Register, DragonTravel, TimeShift, Permissions, OpenInv, ProtocolLib, Votifier, mcMMO, CleanroomGenerator, TimTheEnchanter, Citizens, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, ChunkLoad, TagAPI, Alchemist, PluginReloader, Questioner, InfChests, WorldGuard, ClearChat, PowerNBT, MineMaze, Itemizer, VoteKick, PLM, Lockette, ClearLag, DtlCitizensTrader, Essentials, InSigns, DynamicEconomy, HeavySpleef, PlotMe, Multiverse-Core, Prism, MCBans, dynmap, DynmapPlotMe, Dynmap-WorldGuard, DisguiseCraft, OnTime, EssentialsChat, Blacksmith, EssentialsProtect, Towny, EssentialsSpawn, Dynmap-Essentials, Multiverse-NetherPortals, VanishNoPacket, ScoreboardStats, Multiverse-Portals, Multiverse-SignPortals, Sentry, ChestShop, MobArena, Multiverse-Adventure, Multiverse-Inventories, Dynmap-Towny, SimpleAnnouncer Tekkit, Factions, Dynmap-Factions, Dynmap-Factions

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