This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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WorldCrafter 1.6.4 24/7 [CRACKED][Bukkit][Towny][M


Welcome, We are a 1.6.4 survival server with a few handy and fun plugins, nothing in the map is spawned or WorldEdited. We have a small community that extends to our forums, We are up 24/7 so please come check us out!
Plugins and features

  • Everyone has Building permissions!
  • Raiding of unprotected blocks has recently been allowed.
  • Towny for protection and to encourage teamwork.
  • McMMO to level up your skills such as swords and axes for more interesting PvP!
  • Player owned shops, and the ability to make your own shop for free.
  • LWC for the protection of your chests, doors and much more
  • 24/7 Uptime!

When you join, type '/register password' creating your own password.
This will create your own, unique account.

We have a website as well register and chat with it , or post some nice pictures of your house.
Here is the Facebook page.
We need new pictures on both sites, feel free to send some you made on the server (:

Also events and questions/rewards will be posted on those sites

Plugins installed on server: ChestShops, McMMO, Towny, Playerheads, Essentials, LWC, mcjobs

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