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Ever wanted to play on a server which has most realistic shops with real life prices, place where police officers keep up safe and goodness in your town, where griefers are forbidden and raid is allowed but will get you into a jail?
Well this server is for you. We have most realistic economy and anti grief plugins, make your own shops, earn money, get rich, and make a townnation and then conquer other nations! We will offer you most unique gameplay experience you will ever have in minecraft. Events every weekday and mini games!
Basically from a small base in wild, poor man, you can upgrade your skills, and get more popular and earn more respect on server. Then upgrade your base, make a town, get residents in it, make nation and conquer!
What are you waiting for? Come and play!
Visit our websiteforum and look at donation ranks, dynamic map of server and latest news.
Click on this map to check out our server map!
http: http:puu.sh5Mt38.jpg
Please note that this server is just made, every exploits and bugs are well tested before release and everything works like a charm.

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