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Welcome to CKC: Forged Empires! This is a small knit community server! As we are just starting off we are trying to build a foundation on a great community! This is an RPG/Faction server! But not just your typical Faction server. It has many unique elements to it. Some of them are...


Factions (Create an Empire)

Pre built Cities and Empire (Capture these cities and towns for your faction)

Pet System (Capture any mob in the game and make them your pet with skills and levels)

Classes and Skills (Custom made classes and skills which means if you have any ideas we would be more than happy to hear them)

Small controlled map to enhance player interactions and community (There are many upsides to a small map with a small community! Read below)

Parties (Get some people together and join a party! Shared xp and used for group skills!)

Jobs (Get a job and start making the money)

DynMap (live map)

Shops (realistic shops. Capture a city and set up a shop with a npc as a clerk and an easy to use interface!)

Our Goals:

Our goal is to start from the ground floor and build up a community of people who knows how the server works and who regularly log on. We want people on this server to know each other. This type of play is what I believe people want and you just don't get that feeling on a 100+ person server.
Some ways I plan on building this community up:

Small Map: Now the map is not extremely small, but it does not go on forever. This will enhance...
Player interaction- Know where other players camps or empires are. Set up a trade with them or simply just raid them!

Realistic Relations with Empires- Since they will be a fight over land on this map your best option might not always be to fight each other but create truces and alliances to help keep what land you own.

Dynamic changes- With a never ending map a faction could go 4k blocks out and live in solitude. We don't want that here. That is not community. Here what you lands you own is how you are going to be known on the server.

If you own a majority of the towns and cities that are pre built people will know! One day you could freely go in and out of a city but the next day if it gets captured and the conquerors decide to close the borders then that adds a certain level of difficulty to enter that city!

Classes and Skills:
The classes and skills were made to be used as a group. If you have one of each class in a party then there will be any benefits to that. A mage could stay in the back healing players or casting fireballs while your archer stuns enemies for your brute or soldier to destroy!

Timed Ranks:
Timed ranks will also enhance community as it takes time on the server to rank up! Now you can't achieve admin or moderator through timed ranks, but you can receive benefits from becoming a member or trusted! The more someone stays online the more involved in the community they will be!

Members contributing to server advancement:
Unlike big 100+ servers, your voice will be heard! I am on a lot updating the server and fixing bugs. I will always be more than happy to listen to any suggestions you have! No need for tickets as I will make sure each staff member is the same in that way. Your suggestions will be heard and if I feel like they will enhanced the server they will be used! We are in early stages of the server so that leaves many spots for staff members! Only trusted will be promoted to staff.

Dynamic Shops:
Shops will be available to rent in the major cities and towns. Renting the shop will give you full control of what your shop sells and buys from other players! You can also hire a clerk which is an Npc that stays inside your shop! Players that right click on the NPC will be shown an easy to use buy and sell menu which allows for very easy shopping! It is best to rent shops from towns or cities your faction owns! If an enemy faction does own the city or town and you have a shop in that could be trouble for you and your shop! Your enemies could kill anyone who got near your shop or even block it off! Make sure you rent shop from faction owned territory!

As the community grows so will the server! There are many plans that I have for this server! And if you are worried about this being my first time running a server don't be. I ran servers for two years before this one. I took a break and now I am back! I have seen what it takes to get a good solid server running.

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