This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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PortalRPG~Factions~Jobs~Raid~Portal Guns~PvP~Econo


Your new faction raid server!

Q:Why pick us?
A:We are a new Faction raid server but we are very original. We have portal guns and a custom portal gun map for fun, we have dreams that you can have when you sleep. we are working on making 4 different dreams. We have a FANTASTIC economy because I love economy and make sure it stays stable and fun. We also have limited staff members. No staff member will abuse power or they will be automatically demoted.
Q:Why donate?
A:Well first off all our donations go into affording more RAM and purchasing addons for the server also managing the website. You can donate for a number of things over our Enjin website and it takes effect immediately, no having to wait! You can purchase hard to obtain items, special ranks with kits and commands, the ability to mine spawners, and more!
Q:I have more questions.
A: Go to the forums and ask away :)

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