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McShadowCraft is a Hybrid server consisting of several worlds, first, the spawn world. When you spawn you are in the "Hub" world. From the Hub you can take a portal to one of five worlds; FreeBuild, Survival, Creative-Plots, Survival-Plots, or the Hell (PvP) world. We have a friendly staff that are here to help whenever you need us, around the clock. The server is 24/7, and we do not use a White-List! When you join you will start with the rank "[Builder]" and you can earn ranks by: A) Applying on the website, B) Spending time on the server, or C) Donating. We have many items/packages you can donate for if you want more commands, or some new shiny bells and whistles, simply go to to check them out. We've listed these packages below!

Creative Mode
Survivor - 30 days
VIP - 30 days
Elite - 30 days
Mini-Mod - 30 days

Most of our prices are actually very low, as we do not wish to rip you off for the benefit of having more fun! All prices can be found at! All donations are greatly appreciated and you should NEVER feel obligated to donate, it is completely optional. Now to top everything off, here's a handful of the things you can expect when logging onto our server:

No Whitelist
Player vs Player (in the Hell world)
[1.8 ]
40 slots
Friendly staff
Free Items for Free-Build/Survival/Survival-Plots worlds
Up to 3 plots in the Creative/Survival plot worlds!

As you can see we have a lot of features and most of them, of course, benefit YOU! The staff is very friendly so you do not have to worry about abusive Admins or Moderators! In case you would like to know who is going to be helping you a current list of staff is posted below!

[Owner] BlackShadowX
[Co Owner] BloodOfADragon (~Blood)
[Head Admin] Lizardz
[Mod] Gabysaurus
[Mod] Moodro
[Mod] Evanexus
[Mod] babyluigi59

So hop on today by using this IP:! If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions or if you want to know a little more about our server speak to an Admin, or you can visit:! Hope to see you soon!

~[Owner] BlackShadowX16

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