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Nocturnal PVP Raiding PVP mcmmo factions NEW


Hello, HELLO!! today! We have a excellent server for you! It's a faction server, We are recruting staff members and alot more. We have mature staff and we are always ready to answer your questions. Are shop is made with essentials shop and clear lagg and much more! Also this server has soup pvp, You craft soup out of cocobeans cactus and mushrooms! Theese soups do 3.0 heal rate, Which will help you an extreme amout in pvp! Also I'd like to welcome everyone to nocturnalPvP! As I said above throw any questions at us and we'll be sure to answer your questions! This server has been created by FintoHD, And has been helped by LeePvPzHD. But also we will be needing staff SO get on as quick as you can to try get a staff position because everyobe will want a staff position, Only 1-2 will be picked as a moderator rank. This server is a faction server. Great for pvp, /kit starter and /kit pvp [Kit pvp] is in the progress of beening made. But as soon as you come on you will be welcomed by friednly staff and friendly players. Also please type /kit starter when you come on its a suprise so I wont tell you till you get on! HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE SERVER GOODLUCK!

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