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Welcome to Mines of War

Brought to you by Mines of War and Derpcraft in sponsorship with Team EZ

Come and join the ever growing community on MOW, We have Multiworld with Hard-core Factions World, Survival World and a Games World

The Faction World has 1 rule Have Fun. TNT is allowed, Raiding is allowed, Killing is allowed.

The Survival World is for you to build at your leisure. No PVP, Lockable Chests, No Griefing.

The Games World Games and competition’s to win game money or Ranks.

The Faction World

This world is pure hard-core factions. Use any means necessary to be the top Player/Faction (hacking NOT allowed) Make your way through the 5 ranks which all have a different kit available every 6h. If that’s not enough we have ranks with added extras for donations. Make money from killing players, selling your spoils from raiding in admin shop or rent your own players shop or use the mines in spawn and sell back to admin shop. Rent a chest from the admin bank to keep your best stuff safe.

The Survival World

This world is all about surviving and building. Build at your leisure knowing pvp is not allowed and your creation/resources are safe. Land can be claimed as your own region for free and is un-griefable we have full logblock and roll back. There is no limit on your imagination on what you can do. Make money from selling items to admin shop or at players market.

The Games World

This world is all about the fun and skill. Play Hungergames (Varaide's Hungergames city) Prizes to be won when tournament is on, most evenings, Play Capture The Flag, mob arena x 2, golf, connect four, spleef and more added all time (suggestions welcome)

Other Features

All top and some custom plugins like Factions, Economy, Teleportation, Log blocking (including chest logging) kits, Permissions, multiword, warps and many more. Voting gets you 20,000 in game money every day Kit available every 15 minuets and 6 hours Donator kits and buycraft extras. TeamSpeak 3 Skype Forums. Friendly staff from around the world and a good community of mature players.

If you join say hi to me , im purecrysis!

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