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Lycosa - Drugs Server - Road To The Top

Your adventure starts no-where, you are nothing, no house no money no food. You've lost it all. After years of battling with drug addiction you are nothing but a Junkie. But alas, you are given what looks like a package from the heavens above, a kit, but not just any kit. This kit will help you rise through the ranks and become the Top Dog. Inside this kit will contain the growing materials needed to get to the top, But this is only the start.

You venture out into the open world that is Lycosa, battling with monsters on the way in order to find the perfect place to start up your lab. You find it, a cavern underneath the earths surface, you are out of reach from other people like yourself and of course. The Police. You begin growing your so-called 'crops' and begin to see the revenue rising, but you've got a drug addiction to tackle. You finally get enough to rise up to your first rank. Addict.

As an addict you have new connections and with those new connections comes another place to sell your drugs, the second shop. This second shop will allow you to make more money for the high-quality product you are selling and will able you to rise through the Ranks quicker. More and more revenue starts to come your way once you have enough you will rise through the ranks again! As an established Grower.

You're shifting your produce like never before moneys rolling in like the days before the use of drugs but people are getting in your way, you are anxious maybe your produce isn't getting its full value so you rank up to a Dealeryou will be getting more money for your produce at the third shop and you are well on your way to become the boss you always wanted to be.

As a new-found Dealer you see an opportunity to expand, you start up a faction and invite the links established earlier in your career to start working for you, expanding your farm, increasing the profit. But thePolice soon hear about your project and attempt to shut it down, with some quick thinking you pay them off, they wont be coming here again. With the new-recruits farming your drugs for you you're finally associating yourself with people who are already at the top, getting new ideas, new farming plans. This allows you to grow into what you hope you would someday be, a DrugLord. But why stop there?

Your new established contacts because acquaintances and soon friends, people hear about your plan and want in. Soon you have a booming underground business, police paid off, what could stop you? You hear plans of rival drug farmers massing up to come attack your faction, you quickly send people over to shut them down with any means possible as-well as raiding all their farms and stock, this adds to your profit and gives you new-earned respect from the higher ranks and also allows you to rank up to DrugKing.

You are making new friends with people who run the server, this will strengthen your business and will protect you from further harm, you are technically invisible no-one can touch you, no-one except the Mafia. They are after you, but you clearly outnumber their men and raid their lab and farm before they can get to you. It's the most amount of drugs you have ever seen in one place. You take it all and sell it on, you are there, you are on top you are theMafia you own almost every drug function in the city, so you decide to move, to Mafia City. Only for mafia members, here you will be fully acquainted for and will live in comfort for the rest of your days.

More Ranks To Come!

IP -

Thanks for reading my story based walk through of the server and the server ranks, hope you enjoyed it, here is some other information about the server.

What the ranks can do:

To Rank Up Do /BuyRank [RankName]

Junkie - 1 Set Home

Addict - 2 Set Home Access to /Warp Shop2

Grower - 3 Set Home

Dealer - 4 Set Home /Warp Shop3

DrugLord - 5 Set Home /FarmAssist Toggle

DrugKing - 6 Set Home /Warp Shop4

Mafia - 10 Set Home /Warp MafiaCity

Police - /Jail /Police - $3000 Per Hour

?Lieutenant - /Jail /Police - $4000 Per Hour

Sheriff - /Jail /Police - $5250 Per Hour

Warden - /Jail /Police /Kick /Ban (Staff) - $6000 Per Hour

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