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NapzPVP - Custom Faction PVP - McMMO


NapzPVP is a new faction server with custom plugins. There are many hard to get custom items that will enrich your experience and McMMO so you can grind all day long. There are custom drops to make grinding more rewarding as well. The server also offers obsidian breaker so that bases aren't unraidable. We will have drop parties, scavenger hunts, or pvp events on most weekends. Any plugins can be added upon suggestion such as resource light minigames, and any other plugins you might think of. We have spam protection to stop trolls and anti cheat to stop hackers. We also have a small but growing staff that you may be able to be a part of in the future. Please refrain from joining and asking to apply for staff, please play for atleast 3 days before asking to apply.

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