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Havoc Craft


Hello and welcome to Havoc Craft, where raiding and pvp is plentifull. Drop parties are held every Saturday evening. Our server is relatively new and we'd love for you to join. For the time being, you'll receive 20k starting cash to spend in our shop(partially completed). We are also looking for beta testers, we only ask that you join and have skype. Early beta testers have the possibility of obtaining staff ranks and other perks if they negotiate well. Below are listed a few specifications of our server.

Specifications of the server itself:
Core i7- 4 cores @ 4.0gHz
16gb RAM
60gb SSD dedicated storage
1GBps Bandwidth
DDOS protection
Unlimited player slots (1000 currently)

Main Plugins:
World Guard
Donator Rankings
Anti-Cheat +
And Several Custom Plugins

                         Custom built spawn

          Staff Wanted

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