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MineQuest is a server like no other. We strive to be unique, while still staying close to the game we love.

On MineQuest, you will find a lot of new game features, that includes quests, dungeons, and a lot more. All of this content however, is optional.

Our main focus is still on Survival Multiplayer.
By release, there will be a unique quest story-line, with over 30 quests available, along with 3 dungeons, Herobrine’s Demise, Mines of Alacrity and Ruins of Wimborne.
And it won’t stop there. We will be actively updating, and adding more dungeons, more quests, and more features for the survival players.

Quick Feature Overview:

Survival Multiplayer
In our survival world - play normal Minecraft with few helpful plugins, such as protection and more

Optional extra story-based content with nice rewards

Optional extra- challenging, story-based content with nice rewards

And a lot more
We have a lot more content for you. Come on the server, and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Soon we’ll also have a wiki up. A place where you will be able to read about the whole storyline, boss abilities in dungeons, boss loot, future content and way more.

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