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Nexus Craft

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NexusCraft is a brand new 1.8 survival RPG towny server. Currently the server is still being worked on but has most of the plugins installed. Future plans are to add questing system where players can choose a questing path. Whether that be a mage, a wizard, a warrior, and others… Unique weapons and abilities will be added for each unique path. We currently also have a writer working on the background storyline as well as the present storyline for the server.
We are currently in need of staff members to help run the server and help players. Other staff ranks that are available are building ranks and technical staff to help with running the server. All staff positions must be earned and none will be just handed out.
Some of the major plugins currently installed on the server are Autorank, towny, jobs, lockette, pvpmanager, coreprotect, mcmmo, SilkSpawners, among others.
Ranks are earned automatically based on your play time. You start off with the basic commands needed to play the game and as you play you will unlock more and more commands. There are no donation ranks currently so normal players will have access to everything offered.
Server IP: NexusCraft.PlayAt.CH
Come and join us!

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