This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to WalrusSurvival ! We are a new survival server looking for nice players. Place a chest to claim a small protected plot. Start a shop, start a town, there's a /auc feature, along with /sell. Make a chest shop to buy and sell items, go to jail if you break the rules. Animals and villagers are protected on claimed property. There's a small mine to get basics like coal, wood and iron for iron armor. Toggle pvp on and off by writing /pvp, make pvp teams: /pvp help, make war teams, receive 100 new claim blocks everyday to add to your property. While in battle if a player runs home, write /siege (players name) to let the battle continue. Server owners that join and stay can claim a property, build a house and advertise their server on that property for as long as they stay in the game. Everything is still under construction and basic atm, more things will be added as time goes on, so stop by, stick around and help grow this community into something awesome!

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