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Verdant Craft



Verdant Craft is a Survival server that seeks to finally blend together building and PVP in a way where everyone can have their cake and eat it. Do you love to build but hate griefing? Do you love to PVP and love griefing? We're the server for you!

How does this work? Well, we have developed two unique ranking tiers for Builders and PVPers! As a Builder, you are exempt from PVP and are protected from griefing. For larger builds you can request a schematic be made so that you never have to lose your build. As a PVPer, you can grief, camp, steal, and generally play as sleazy as you want. For an added bonus, you can't even hurt a Builder, so no accidental Builder PVP!

Is this too many words already? Well we have that covered too! Since we do not run a whitelist you can join in whenever you want and dive straight in. By choosing not to join either ranking tier, you can't rank up or enjoy their perks, but you can still build and have fun.


Don't grief Builders. Ever.
Try not to swear a lot.
Do not camp spawn; you can camp their homes, but camping spawn is unfair to newbies
Don't steal from Builders.
No wallhacks/speedhacks/flyhacks.


Our ranking system gives Builders 6 ranks and PVPers 5 ranks (the 6th rank is a dupe rank, PVPers, don't be sad). These ranks are all earned in game! In addition to that, there are 6 donator ranks: three for Builders, and three for PVPers.


You'll probably notice that it's really hard to gain in-game currency. This is intentional! In order to make it big, you've gotta win it big! There will be varying PVE, PVP, and Builder events every week that offer huge rewards. Make sure to keep an eye on our forum to keep up with everything!

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