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Hello, Minecrash is a freindly server owned by Jpinthebox with Co owner Digital
The features we have at the moment are Factions,Parkour And RainBow RUN
We are hoping to add more mini games e.g skyblock, splegg E.T.C next year
At this moment of time we arnt looking for staff therefor you can still apply
We do giveaways (if we get so many people on) we launch a free VIP
We also do DP which is drop party where we drop lots of amzing rare items.

Here Is The Staff
Owner :: Jpinthebox
Co Owner:: Digital
Head Admin :: Banbanino
Helper: Aaronspikerex

The only application we are looking for really is a good quality builder that can come in and do the job :D

Thx Jpinthebox Minecrash Owner :D :D :D

hope to see you on :D

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