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The CraftBoss Network

Survival, play with enemies and friends!
Prison server coming soon!
Amazing new Hub!

The CraftBoss Network is a hub server where you can play on multiple servers! We have a variety of plugins and features that players will enjoy! On Survival players whom are not on your residence list with the available commands, cannot break blocks with your residence. You can grief all you want, but make sure the place you are griefing is not a residence or shop! We have a plugin which allows you to lock your chests and doors to make your property private! We have a webstore where you can buy some other unique features, ones where it will give you a small extras over others like; the /back command, PvP false residence, potions and even mob Disguise. The server has trained and a small excellent community. We also have a Combat Logging Plugin which allows players to finish the opponent off without them leaving the game during a PvP. You don't want thugs coming in your house to steals things! So make sure you use the lock features! We have an Economy plugin which allows you to sell, rent, or even buy items in game! You can also buy Plots which are located in spawn so you can have a shop and earn money! On our site we have a unique Top Voters, Forums with amazing addons, an amazing donation store NOT BUYCRAFT! And a Live map of survival, which you can also talk from the website to the server! The live map shows where players are and every block that is in the game from a birds-eye view! We have a Prison server which you can try and escape as a convict. Try to reach the sunlight with making your way up the ranks (A-Z). Sell, Trade and Buy items to free yourself from being locked up for life! We have a Skyblock server, so if you're ever thinking of building in the sky, well Skyblock is the perfect place to play! With Factions, you'll be able to assemble a clan of allies, to create a base where you feel safe enough from the dangers of other players. But don't feel too safe, as items are raidable and the stakes are high! Survival is the one place to go if you like the safe way of living. The everyday living, playing with friends and having a pet along your side to feel comfortable if you're ever in danger, they'll take the damage for you. So come along and join CraftBoss today! We have many more features to explore!

Key Features:

A-Z Ranking
Sell, Trade, Buy
Donor Ranks and Items

Donor Ranks and Items
Private Chatting
Chest Protections

Admin Shop
Donor Items and Ranks

Admin Shop
Donor Items

Multi-Server Chatting
Multi-Server Already Logged In Feature
Teleport To Your Friends Server Wide Feature
Friendly Staff
24/7 Server Uptime

Forum Website
Donation Website
Having Donor Items or Ranks do not give any unfair advantages!


The CraftBoss Team

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