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About Us
This server started out with a couple friends that wanted to create a nice
community because we were fed up with the terrible community on other servers
some servers had the kids that trolled a lot. And than there were the
people that cursed way to much and raged. So we were just about done with the
community of the server we played on. We began on a seperate computer hosted server,
and for a couple weeks we planned out how we were going to make the server.
After planning out how to do things we started building a spawn and I began working on the plugins which brings us to today.

Join Us
Now that the server is ready for players to come on we are fully prepared to what is to come
Join us in creating a server community that is nice for other players
This is what we have to offer and more:

Our Staff:
Owner: Tsyrac
Co-Owner: Vanttec
Moderator: KettlecornHD
Helper: Minejrp
Helper: Sytrex
Helper: MikeVipers
Trainee: Azylum
Our Rules:
Be Respectful
Respect Staff and Players
Do not use over excessive bad language
Enderpearl glitching is bannable
Buying a rank does not exempt you from the rules
No hacked client or system that can give you an advatage is allowed other than pvp mods
Spamming will result in a temp mute or even a temp ban
No racism is allowed it may result in a mute
Absolutly no advertising is allowed other than youtube links.
Youtube links are not allowed to contain other server ips
If you have been banned and you come on an alt you will be banned. This is called Ban Evading
Please mind caps, excessive caps will result in a mute.

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