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Merchant Villages

Merchant Villages


Friendly Players, Small Community, Mature Staff, Non-Pvp, No Griefing

Have you had enough of childish drama, disrespectful players and rude staff ruining your Minecraft Experience? If so your long search for a fun Minecraft server is over.

Welcome to Merchant Villages! :-)

What makes us different?

We strive to be the server you've been looking for with a fun, friendly and mature environment.
MV is well established having been online since January of 2013.
We have a strong economy originally based off the NPC trades created by Mojang with EssentialsEco, Chestshop, Shopkeepers, Auctions and other plugins to make trading with other players easy and fun!

What else do we have to offer?

  • No plot limits. Your region will expand as you build.
  • Everything protected - No griefing, everything logged
  • Four home sets and more as you rank
  • Combat cooldown removed
  • Random tp; No starting in overpopulated areas
  • 50% more diamonds in the ground.
  • Fall damage off - Creeper and ghast block damage off
  • Craftbook which includes pipes, wireless redstone, and much more
  • Creative plot world
  • Minigames including parkour, spleef, hunger games and more!

So come join the Merchant Villages family for the most fun-filled Minecraft experience available!

This server is simply awesome! Come and give it a try and you will know!
Posted 25th Sep 2019
By far my favorite server. Always something fun to do or talk about and the players are great! Usually always staff on to help out and problems get fixed pretty quickly. Owner is very nice and fun. Great server!
Posted 14th Jun 2018
Tons of fun!
Great people
Helpful and available staff
fun events like build contests and drop parties!
Balanced economy that you don't beat in a day

you'll spend too much time there :P
Posted 14th Jun 2018
Great server. Owner is very active and helpful. Lots of fun events and new things to play with. Issues are always resolved quickly and it has been an incredible place to play Minecraft for years. :)
Posted 13th Jun 2018
Fantastic server, with a good community of friendly people and staff. I enjoy the regular events organised by staff, and look forward to spending more time on the server.
Posted 13th Jun 2018