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Kaizen Worlds, creative Minecraft server with 33 s


Kaizen is Japanese for everlasting gradual improvement which explains what we are all about. We are mostly survival miners and builders but have a dedicated game map and pvp areas.

The admins met each other on other servers where the plug got pulled by their owners. We made a pledge to each other to always keep this running, if one of the admins wants to quit we will replace him or her with another, as such guaranteeing the server will always run.

We are also a family friendly server, griefers get jailed, swearing is not our thing. Players range from 6 as the youngest up to 41 as the oldest so far.

Those looking to be Op'd by any use, will be given 1 warning, if continued will result in a ban from the server.

Mods like Xray aren't allowed

PG Rated Server.

Come check us out!

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