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Pyramid PvP

Pyramid PvP


What is this server?

This server is different from other server.
We still we have factions and stuff like that, but some things are different. We dont have the normal survival world. We made it to where its harder to survive. Because our world is a flat land. The only way to survive is to find villages and chests in mineshafts or ofc use the shop. In the middle of nowhere, spawn lies. In spawn we have an upside down pyramid where chests will spawn at diffrent lvls of the pyramid. The lower you go into the pyramid. The better the loot drops.

Griefin is allowed and so is pvp.
Good luck!

Why you should join THIS server:

You should join this server, because we are constantly looking to improve. This server was NOT created to earn money, but get some new ideas and server out in the open, that people can get to play.

The ideas that are being used for the server, are original. We seek new and fresh ideas, and make them come true. Yes that means YOU can give us your opinion on what should happen next on the server!

Rules and stuff:

As you prob know by now, this a PvP server, so griefing and pvp is too. There's a world border the defines how big the world is. Our staff makes the rules, and if they tell you to stop, you stop.

What makes us special:

  1. The world in which the pvp and greifing takes act, is in a flatland. Which means that resources are limited, and therefore we have mines in spawn, with good stuff. Or though, PvP is allowed in the mines. So do you dare enter the mines?

  2. We have custom plugins being created, and lots of ideas to come. What does this mean? This means, that the will constantly improve and features will be added when we have the money and time to add it. For example, the first plugin that is almost done, is a PvP rank plugin. It makes it to where when you achieve a rank, your allowed access to higher lvl mines.

  3. Well i already spoiled this one, but we have 4 diffrent lvl of mines in spawn. All the mines have pvp, which means in order to get the good stuff, you have to be willing to lose your stuff in the mine to other players. All players are allowed access to mine 1, and access to the other mines can be bought through the ranks.

  4. More features WILL be added, we have another really cool plugin coming soon. We have a developer working on it, as i'm writing this ^^

  5. This server is new, and normally new pvp server are boring. But the thing is, we have an interesting kind of survival. The way you get items, is either the mines, shop or pvp but you can also find stuff in villages, and temples and other structures, which spawnrates have been bumpted up so you can find stuff easy.

I hope this gives you an idea, of how cool this server is and is going to be :P I'm looking forward to seeing you on the server <3!

Kind Regards
Sebastian/zhadowseb (Owner)



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