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Welcome to Hell's Haven! A 24/7 prison server!

Server ip: (Subject to change soon!)

Need a break from factions, mcMMO, and vanilla? If so, this may be the server for you! Start with a background story as to why you are in jail, mine, smuggle, kill, and team up to rank up through the prison and eventually earn your freedom. You may work for items or steal (kill) from another player to obtain items that can be sold in a shop. If you have some epic items that you can't sell you can go and buy a player shop and sell your items on the black market!

Whitelist is currently: OFF! Just enter the ip and join the server.

Transfers: Banned from another prison server? Tired of another prison server? Old prison server closed? Management changed and is no longer fun? If you answered "Yes" to any of these question, you are eligible for a transfer. If you want a transfer please follow the following format.


Have you been banned from the other prison server?

Do you agree with the rules?

What rank were you?

What prison were you from?

Screenshot of the server spawn of you and your rank.

Obtainable Ranks•Suspect - Starting rank will need to go through tutorial to get to the next rank.

•Convict - FREE Access the Convict wood farm, mine, shop, players hops, and cells.

•Prisoner - $20,000 Access to the Prisoner Block, mine, pig farm, shop, and cells.

•Detainee - $50,000 Access to Detainee Block, mine, cells, and shop.

•Epic_Prisoner - $75,000 Access to Epic_Prisoner Block, mine, cells, and shop.

•On_Parole - $150,000 Access to On_Parole Block, mine, cells, and shop.

•Escapee - $350,000 Access to the world and can re-visit the prison.

•Guard - It is now your duty to guard the server and enforce the prison rules.

•SrGuard - You are the Boss of the Guards. Only obtainable if I like you Posted Image
Donator Ranks•Minion - $10 Access to /chest, /hat, /furnace

•Demon - $25 Access to the VIP Block, mob farm, and shop. Includes minion perks.

•Devil - $50 Access to the VIP Block, mob farm, Devil and enchant room, chat in Yellow, /nick (only to yourself once)
Server rules enforced by the Warden:
•No hacked clients of any kind

•No x-ray texturepacks

•No mods/3rd party programs

•No spamming chat

•No raging in chat

•No advertising other servers in any way

•No prison greifing or major grieging

•No exploiting bugs or glitches
Server rules enforced by Warden and guards:
•No weapons! - If a guard sees you with a weapon (Axes included), you have 5 seconds to hand it over or you will be killed if inside a PvP zone, if in a non PvP zone you will be jailed for 5 minutes and get your inventory cleared.

•No Excessive PvP! - If you kill 5 or more people in 5 minutes you will be killed by a guard, jailed for 10 minutes + 5 minutes for each addition person killed. If you do this more than twice you will be demoted.

•No Camping - Camping is not allowed and fighting on the PvP line is considered camping. If you are caught you will be killed and or jailed for 5 minutes.

•No suffocating other prisoners in the mines or farms. 10 minute ban if you do so.

•No potions are allowed! You will be banned.

•If caught using hacks you will be banned.
Guard rules and expectations:
•Must wear Guard uniform ONLY when ON Duty! No giving your uniform to other players!

•Must ONLY go On Duty within the prison walls! Unless someone has escaped.

•Must ALWAYS Announce when going On and Off Duty!

•Help new players if they should have any questions on how the prison works.

•Jail players with /jail playername jail 3m or 5m. Jail players for breaking the rules above.

•Make sure you don't put punishment on the wrong person. You will be banned

•do not jail players for infinite amounts of time. Always use the correct command! Breaking this rule will result in a ban.

•Under no circumstance is a guard allowed to unjail players (unless a mistake was made when jailing).

•Guards are not to give favoritism to faction members/Friends, ALL prisoners are treated equal unless they constantly break a rule.

•If you find someone using a contraband item do /clear

•Do not use any 3rd party programs, modified clients, or hacks of any sort. You will be banned for this, you have the same rules as regular players

•If there is more than 4 guards on, make sure to spread out watch the players evenly.

•Inactivity more then 7 days will result in demotion back to previous rank.

•When off duty you may do as you wish as long as there is NOT an ON DUTY guard near by. If caught you will be instantly jailed for 5 minutes first offence, 10 minutes thereafter, demotion for a further offence.

•Try to be respectful and do not treat other players like trash. If you are treating someone like trash and not being respectful and caught doing it, this is all I have to say: /manuadd (playername) convict. No questions.

Please post at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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