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The Entity Empire


To all those that have come searching for a new server to play, and those that have come looking to meet new friends, your searching stops here.

I am the Owner of the Entity Empire, a factions server that wishes to provide you, the players, with a great new way to enjoy playing Minecraft.

Our only wish is to create a great community and server, and to see you guys, the players, enjoying yourselves and having fun too.


-No excessive use of bad language. (The odd slip-up will be acceptable)
-No hacked clients under any circumstances.
-No spamming the chat or asking for staff as you will not get it.

What are we?

We are a small server that is just starting out! We have been open for a little while now, however, we have been sorting out bugs and glitches with the server but are now comfortable enough to say that the server is now playable, any of the small bugs remaining will be stamped out real soon! We currently have our factions world open and playable, however we will be adding in a whole new Mianite type of gamemode soon along with creative plots in the near future!

Staff needed!

In terms of staff, we are looking for loyal members that have proven themselves to us, and to the community, before being given a rank. This being said, we are still accepting applications for ranks through our website, over at To apply simply sign up and write an application on the site. Or, you could write one out on here (However we would prefer the app through our site). After applying, you will need to play on the server for around a week before TigerPilot25 (The owner of the server) will message you and ask for an interview through Skype. After the interview, if everything has gone well, you will be given your rank. When applying, please follow the format below for staff. For builder, please see the other app format.

App Format For Staff:



Age (This doesn't matter, so truthful answers would be preferred):

Location/Time Zone:

Previous Experience:

Why you want to be staff:

Why we want you to be staff:

Your traits:


Anything else:

App Format For Builder:



Why you want to be a builder:

Why we want you to be builder:

Pictures of your previous builds:

Anything else:

Available Ranks

Mod – This is the basic rank that everyone who applies for a staff rank will start at. If you do a good job, you stand a chance of being promoted to admin.

Admin - In order to get this rank, you will need to have received the Mod rank and proven yourself to us. This cannot be applied for however can be earned through loyalty and consistency on the server.

Builder – This rank is currently in progress but will be finished soon!

Head-Builder - This rank will be given to the applicant that we feel has the best app, attitude and builds. They will be in charge of the builders and heading any builds taking place on the server.

Thanks for checking us out! Feel free to leave an application below or on our site and pop on any time. We hope to hear from and speak to you soon!

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