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Please note: we are a heavily modded server, you will need to install our Technic Platform pack buy opening technic platform and installin it with this link:

Please note that you will have to apply for whiltelisting at: should you like what you see, which we are sure you will!!

NecrotiCraft aims to be a little something for everyone...ok alot of something!

Our pack is a blend up of magic, tech and build mods. We are aiming to be a long term map 3+ years, with enough to keep you busy building and playing for that time!

We are a non PVP server with PVP arenas if you feel the need to collect a few heads!

A few things that are being implemented are shops tha you can rent or buy to sell your wares. Also jobs such as farming or fishing to implement your income from your shop or voting for our server!

Something we are looking to in the future is making an adventure dimension.

We do have dimensions such as Twilight and a dedicated mine world that gets reset once a month.

Necroticraft is a greylisted server, we are looking for friendly long term players.

All of our functions are not automated as yet, so I ask you to bear with me if rewards and such are a bit slow in coming, I am hoping to have this all done in the next few weeks.

We have a dedicated forum if you need anything or also have any questions regarding the pack.

Happy Minecrafting!

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