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Welcome to EffectPvP

You want it? We've got it Factions Factions Factions! Raid with your friends, blow bases sky high! All with help from your allies along the way! Gain their trust, then break it! Remain Loyal... or not!

Yeah, you read that right. We may be a Factions server, but we're doing something NO ONE HAS EVER DONE BEFORE! You can get QUESTS at the spawn! They'll give you coordinates, with an objective, and you have to go and find the dungeons, dive into them, and come out with your prize! Currently ONE dungeon is available! The Reward Is Large!!
(We now have many quests as options! Most however involve mob hunting.)

Drop Parties
You want that too? Ok, You've got it. Unique, FUN drop parties, all of them are different, all of them have SWEET items! unique, custom named armor, legendary swords for you to fight for!

Sheep sacrifice!
Players start on either side of a small arena and have to run twords the middle, grab some leads, and then lead the sheep into lava to collect their wool! First to 10 wins!

Also, we have mob arenas! And more than just one! All with special mobs and different strenngths to pick from.

They're under construction folks, we'll have a few! Most of which are going to be done with regioning, and redstone, We're trying not to have minigames that EVERYONE else has, these will be original.

YES!! We will have them! We will post concrete times, and dates, to hold huge server-wide games and events, JUST FOR YOU GUYS!

A beautiful custom-made spawn!
Alright, alright, so I know you guys have seen this spawn before, but we're adding on to it! I know it's been used to death, some of you may not recognize it, but it IS used a lot, and for that, we apologize, we may be building a new spawn in the future!

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