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The Decaying Empire (Anarchy) (No-factions PVP) (S


The Decaying Empire is a Minecraft server sworn to maintain a brutal yet fair war experience. In parallel with that idea, we have an extremely minimum rule count. Don't be fooled though- we offer no leniency to offenders. If you're caught hacking or cheating in any way shape or form, you will be permanently banned with no chance of pardon. It doesn't matter if you're sorry, you didn't know they were activated, or anything else you might possibly be able to conjure up. Secondly, we don't tolerate racism or blind hate in the slightest. If you've got a problem with someone, have a reasonable and mature argument with them - never perform a hate speech. On that note, swearing is completely acceptable under the assumption it's not severely derogative or over-the-top. Think of it as single-player survival with a few tweaks and an element of danger and cooperation as there are other players.


it's very important to me that it's clear your work will not be erased without a trace in a sudden world wipe. Once it is time to swap for a new map, the current one will be put up for download on my website:

We have a comprehensive player handbook every player gets when they join the server for the first time. It's not necessarily a required read, but it's likely a good idea if you're planning to stay for a while. It goes over not only the rules in more extensive detail, but it also covers specific tidbits about the server that you may be interested to know.


We do NOT use factions, please don't ask for an install. I don't like the idea of player housing being protected. If you'd like security, build far out from spawn or underground or in any less visible area.

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