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EndercraftThis server you can do many things, from KitPvP to creative, Parkour, and even skyblock. This server you can get ranks for building and get lots of bragging rights and respect. Or PvP in KitPvP and pvp up your skills. Parkour you can do if your good at it and get rewards for beating the parkour. Skyblock has many things to it like chanllenges and even teaming up with people to get perks and rewards. We also accept very good members to become staff and love good builders. To get staff on this server all you need is to be active and loyal! Also one more thing on the builder ranks when you get to a certain type of builder rank you can judge other people's builds and rank them plus you get some pretty awesome perks and perms! :D Please do join and try it out!

Builder ranks go:

Basic: This rank you need to make something simple you get more plots and bragging rights and a prefix!
Advanced: This rank you get more plots and bragging right and a new prefix you need to add detail to your plot.
Pro: On this you get more plots and bragging rights and you need to make a lot of detail and make a big build.
Expert: This is one of the last ranks you need to put lots of detail and effort into this, you get lots of bragging rights and more plots plus a prefix that people will see ever well in chat.
Master: Second to last rank to the last on you need to make this very nice and you will get more plots and awesome prefix.
Architect: This is the last builder rank and you get lots of pernmissions and perks like /fly /gm and you get to grade other peoples builds and rank other people! You also get access to staff world and get respect from staff to.
Offical Builder: Is like the head of all architects only the best builder can get this rank. [Only one of this rank]

If you want a builder rank just ask an architect or thefatpanda113 to see your build and they will rank you if it is good enough! :D

Skyblock: In this you can do many things, like do challenges or team with people to make the best skyblock!

When you first log into skyblock you do /is create and you will go to your brand new skyblock or you can do /is invite to invite some friends to your skyblock!

KitPvP: Which is were you go to KitPvP and pick a kit and go down and fight to the dealth with other players and get point to spend to make better and OP stuff to use to PvP

Parkour: This is something we added so you can do something when theres nothing to do, when you beat the parkour you get a reward for KitPvP to get more OP and get points and money!

Contest in Creative: There is a coontest in creative plotme where you need to make a landmark and the best gets a double rank up and some more prizes! :D

Please to check out the server! It's great! Give it a try!

Factions/Survival: We now have our survival with mobarena, timber, mcmmo, and much more. You can vote for this server to get rewards like God Pickaxes, God Swords, diamonds, money and more! Even raiding other peoples bases and have fun :D

[Also we are looking for Developer that can code and make bukkit plugins] [Also vote for the server :) it helps a lot, you get rewards in-game]

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