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Darkhaven Minecraft is a small, community-based survival Minecraft server. Feeling lost and unnoticed in a sea of players on other servers? Come try ours, where everyone knows your name!

Begin Your Journey

Darkhaven is a survival server. PvP is off except in designated areas and during certain events. The longer you play the better your title, the more land you can own, and the more benefits you can get! MCMMO lets you become better at the tasks you do often - mining, cutting down trees, or falling off cliffs, whatever strikes your fancy - and you can level up in two jobs to increase your pay.

Earn Glory and Honor

Playing longer will may get you a higher rank, but why stop there? Participating in events, especially being the best at them, can earn you exclusive titles that last up to a month! Not only will you have boasting rights, but completing events can earn you special items and cash rewards.

Explore and Adventure

In the spirit of integrated roleplay, not every place in Darkhaven is untamed wilderness - there are ruins of ancient civilizations, modern buildings lost to time, and monuments to unknown heroes. These builds, called Epics, are explorable areas where players can fight to take home the treasure hidden within them. Many are already in place - but rumor has it some players have built such exceptional structures that they too are dubbed Epics, and are added to Darkhaven’s evolving history.

Remain Safe at Home

GriefPrevention allows players to claim and manage land. No one can build, break, access, steal, or kill on another’s land without permission from the claim’s owner, who also has the right to remove that trust at any time.

Uphold the Law

1.Protect your builds because raiding is allowed here.

2.You will respect players and especially Staff, for we respect you.

3.Hacks and modifications to your Minecraft will not be allowed.

4.Advertising is a bannable offense.

5.Do not, under any circumstances, ask Staff for items, heals, teleports, food, changing the time, changing the weather, etc.

6.Do not YELL IN CHAT, use excessive punctuation, or repeatedly spam multiple messages.

7.Profane language is not tolerated.

8.PVP is not allowed except in Staff sanctioned arenas.

9.1x1 towers and dirt structures will be removed.

The Administration reserves the right to consider any unsavory or unfair act illegal. It is completely under their discretion as to what is and what is not illegal, excepting these rules, which are non-negotiable.

Darkhaven Staff, here to help:





Darkhaven had a map reset on August 28th

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