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ExadiaWinds - ExtraHard Survival


What are we?
ExadiaWinds is an ExtraHard survival server catered for an older generation of Minecraft players. We know you that achieved Minecraft Mastery. This server isn't for the weak and impatient; you will die, starve, freeze, and have your leg pulled off by an enderman. Seriously, endermen can teleport you which typically results in death.

Mobs spawn with extra difficulty; it takes a true Minecraft Master to survive in our world. The difficulty is rewarded with a custom drop-tables for each mob.

Who are we?
Our staff consists of a diverse and open-minded background, we get what it’s like to be different.

We welcome topics of debate such as politics and religion, we do ask that you remain respectful of both parties despite how much you dislike the opposing topic. Name-calling and disruptive behavior towards players is not acceptable along with racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.etc. Treat other's equally.

What can you expect from us?
On-top of being awesome we are experienced in Minecraft gameplay and Minecraft Server Management. We know what makes a Minecraft master tick.

We hated it when our favorite gaming companies started to offer ‘pay-to-win’ products. Our minecraft server was constructed around our experiences as a Minecraft player first and a gamer second. We won't offer 'pay-to-win' donation packages.

Enough about us, come test your minecraft mastery out.

Server Rules:
No Grief
No Unfair Advantages - Xray, Flying, Speedhacks, etcetc.
Be respectful of other players
No whining and crying about losing stuff - it's survival and you will die.
No Spamming
No Server Advertising
Don't ask for items.
Don't ask for ranks.

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