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We have mines with easy ores. Diamonds, emeralds, gold, tnt, iron, coal, and stone. Our server is still a little buggy. Report one to us and you'll be rewarded for actually telling us and not being a butt to use the bug against other players.(Depending on the bug, the bugs in mines have been already noticed so you don't need to tell us, we'll find a way to fix it in the future) Shops aren't fully built and voting isnt fully ready, they'll be finished soon. After ten people are on there will be a majour drop party at the drop zone. So hurry on soon, we'll be waiting! Ranks are a bit buggy too but that'll be fixed as soon a possible once we are told. We all owe our thanks to djunkim12345, KingBatman11, and XxCaPtIaNBlAzExX for building our server like a boss. There are free ranks on our server too. Not exactly, you still need to pay for it with bananas (not actual bananas). That isn't finished just yet but will be in two days. Once we reach our go of $500 USD I, then owner will open up FunkHub. A super ultra funky server with a bunce of game like, Factions, ArenaBattles, COM(Call of Munkies, a gun game), FlyingMunkies(a parkour game), Guilds, PixelMon, Copper(A GTA like game), and more will be soon planned. We are building FunkHub right know, we just need the donations to buy the servers. Any helpers who wanna help, send an email to You will build for 2 days as a trial. If we see your work as good you will be helper permenantly, unless anything happens. Our ranks aren't even that expensive. See for yourself at and maybe even buy a new rank. Use the code funkraiding and get 15% off! Thanks for choosing FunkRading and have fun!

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