This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Maelstrom - Land War PvP


Long, long ago the peaceful and passive citizens of this world lived in harmony with themselves and their environment. They were years of plenty, ages of expansion, eons of advancement. Then without warning a great cataclysm came across the populace, scouring the world and destroying its people. The land was decimated, and the great civilization came to a grinding halt within hours.

It took little time for survivors to emerge. Banding together under banners of solitary colors, they formed tribes and began to fight for land, resources, and survival. Two tribes fighting under red and blue banners quickly moved to the forefront of the struggle. Others swearing allegiance to green, yellow, black, white, purple, and cyan flags grimly held on to their lands. Countless more were destroyed.

The land they fought over was ravaged by their struggle, and long ago ceased to hold any value, but still the tribes insist on fighting on. The cataclysm is centuries in the past, and time and war have destroyed what few records remained of it. Still the tribes fight on. For them, there is no world, no light, no civilization. There is just the unending Land War.

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