This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Foucraft:|Creative||No plots||Free-Build|


-A high-level building server-

Hello people of Minecraft, and welcome to Foucraft!
Foucraft is creative Minecraft server, which aims to create the best conditions for high skilled builders. Combined with a safe server and frequent saving, the server offers many opportunities, not only for high skilled players, but also for people who are committed to learn and become better.


The server has several worlds with different features:

• Plot-world:
This is where you start. No one is allowed any further before being accepted as a member. This is for safety reason.

• Free-world:
This is the member’s world. It is a default Minecraft world with terrain. No plots, just free-building!

• Pro-world:
We don’t want people to feel any better than others, but we also want to give our best and most trusted builders some advantages. The world is essentially the same as Free-world, but contains a flat world too. The ranks of this world will also have WorldEdit.

• Survival-world:
As a new feature, we have added a survival world for our member to enjoy.


Our ranks are spread out over the different worlds. Some ranks have the same features, and will only represent your level of building. It also acts as a reward.

  • Freshman (plot-world)
  • Practicant (plot-world)

  • Builder (free-world)
  • Artist (free-world)

  • Engineer (pro-world)
  • Expert (pro-world)
  • Master-Builder (pro-world)

Additionally we have a few other ranks which must be respected:

  • Mod
  • Admin
  • Developer
  • Owner
  • Promoter (can promote you to become a member)
    To get more information about ranks, use /ranks on the server!

-How to join?-

The server is open for everyone to join on:
However, as described above, new players will have to be accepted as members, to fully enjoy the servers features.

To become a member ( builder or higher), you will need to build in the Plot-world, where you will be graded on your creation. If you do well, you will become Practicant, where you will be given a basic but specific building task. If the result is satisfying or promising, you will be accepted as builder!

When you have finished your plot or task, you can be graded by either asking following ranks:

  • Promoter
  • Owner
  • Admins
    Or use /done (does not work yet)
    We wish you good luck, and hope to see you our server!

You’re not allowed to use bad language in chat (not too much at least)
You’re not allowed to spam the chat.
You’re not allowed to advertise in the chat (promoting own projects not included)
You’re not allowed to disrespect other players.
Mod, Admins and similar ranks must be respected (to a certain point)
You’re not allowed to destroy other people’s creations!
You’re not allowed to build inappropriate material.
You’re not allowed build entry plots together (sorry)
You’re not allowed to use hacks (oh really!?)
You’re allowed to visit other worlds for inspiration (even if you can’t build there yet)
You’re allowed to have fun!

Punishment will be chosen by the Admin.

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