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Eureka Life - Zane [FTB Unleashed - ALL MODS ENABL


Thank you and welcome to EurekaLife. We’re like the show on SyFy, if something weird can happen, it will. The staff members have built a one of a kind spawn area where each person put in their own unique looks and touches to make each structure you will see that much more personal. We try to learn from each other and players so that we are can work together and get along with everyone. We do Lets Plays once a week with staff building and living like our players do. We give out tokens (IC credits) for players to buy their own starter kits. There is also a player shop area for buying and selling, along with a lottery for ways of getting money. We have Mcmmo as our job system for making money and getting some experience along the way. There is also a MiningWorld that has 2x the ore rate of the main world, which means easy materials. We have this world for everyone to go and mine, quarry, and PvP so that the main world stays as nice as a faction world can. We will have build contests where the winner’s build is be show cased AT SPAWN until the next winner takes the spot. We have minigames like infection, spleef, and team battles. You don’t want to raid or worry about factions attacking you? That’s ok; you can donate to keep your faction peaceful. Our ban list is small, due to the fact we will only ban things that break the game (like chunk loaders) and things that bypasses spawn and worldguard.

This server is a FULL grief, FULL raiding/stealing, PvP server. NO Scamming ALLOWED.

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