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WickedCraft - Gaming at it's best!

We are a server that is run by mostly adults. This means we don't tolerate foul language, immature behavior and other things that plague other servers.

We have a hub which connects several game types, which include:

Towny: The "main" map uses Towny. The economy is completely player controlled and the shop is player run which keeps prices low and items accessible to everyone. No staff or any donors have perks which give them an unfair advantage. This is a no griefing map with PvP only in a designated PvP arena.

Creative Build: This is a creative map which is based on how creative maps were before actual creative mode. There is a free mall with every block needed to create anything you want. This map uses a custom coded plugin that was made by the owner. Builds can even be transferred to the Towny map!

Skywars: This map is a skywars map which is automatically controlled by a plugin. The server owner is the exclusive coder for this plugin. It has over 100 different maps to play on with tons of cool loot. There are even special kits for certain ranked players.

Skyblock: This is a standard skyblock server with a plugin which allows for challenges to be completed to get more materials and cool things.

Factions: This is a work in progress and will be launched once the 1.8 updates are completed. It will have all of the standard Factions features and no player nor staff will have any advantages. It will also feature a "safe area" at spawn to store items that are rare and valuable.

We are working with a 1.8 test map too, so there's a chance for you to try out some of the 1.8 features if you haven't already. We are updated so you can join all servers except Skyblock with a 1.8 client.

We look forward to you joining us on WickedCraft! Our website is We use TeamSpeak as well at

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