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VentureQuest has an enhanced map filled with custom mobs that are more dangerous than the usual zombies and skellies you’re used to encountering. They present a real threat to your survival instead of just being a minor irritant like most mobs. We have a large-scale quest that involves finding treasure buried in underground vaults all over the map. The quest is optional, though -- you’re welcome just to build a house and spend your time mining, farming, or doing whatever you enjoy.

Our classes plug-in lets you specialize. If you want, you can become a big-game hunter and live off the drops of supermobs. If you like PVP, there are Badlands (areas of the map) where PVP is enabled. But if PVP isn't your thing, you can just avoid these places.

What makes us different than a lot of other servers is the emphasis we place on player equality. We don't accept donations or play favorites. You start with nothing and everything you get from that point on, you get through hard work. This is true for every player on the map. We're also committed to maintaining a friendly and welcoming environment and will remove players whose behavior is disruptive. Griefing and raiding are not allowed.

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