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RiceCube MC


Welcome those in search of a new server to call Home!

The once lively sea of minecraft servers has all but become a stagnant and shallow bay of all-in-one, plugin riddled servers; barely distinguishable from one another. These servers draw in so many people simple because the server is a convenience factor and because of this its easy to become just another player. This server was developed with keeping it close to vanilla in mind, with the addition of a few plugins to add content for players. Our community and narrowed server type allow players to have a one on one experience with all of the players and the staff alike. RiceCube MC aims to be the lighthouse in the bay. A constant and reliable source of guiding light for all players.

RiceCube MC was born out of our distaste for what we experienced as players in the Minecraft community over many years. Each server has its flaws as everyone knows, and thats okay. Each player wants something different in the server they decide to call home. As the creators of this server, we hope to draw in and establish a tight knit community of friends not for personal gain, but simply for the experience. The community is the most important part of any Minecraft server or any game at all for that matter. We, the Owners and moderators of Ricecube MC, are dedicated to listening to what the community has to say. Since this server has been created for YOU, we WANT YOU to be a part of its development. As it stands, RiceCube MC is a PvP Factions server with McMMO. This will remain the core aspect of the server; however, the owners are more than happy to listen to suggestions anyone has to offer and implement them in a speedy manner. We believe that response time means everything to a player. It shows them that they matter and deserve to have a say in the future of the server.

Many a server have the owners of RiceCube MC played over the years. From these years we have learned that the last thing we want is to ruin the server through player donations at the expense of making money. You'll never find overpowered custom items, game-breaking commands, or staff positions in the donation store here. Our donation options have been balanced the best way we know to cause minimal impact on the server while still providing incentive for players to help support the server they will call home. With RiceCube we wanted to create a well-balanced, but challenging minecraft experience that anyone could enjoy. So many servers nowadays make it too easy from day one, which destroys any sense of achievement.

Have mercy on those who are not prepared for a challenge. At our heart we are a Factions/Raiding server and we encourage players to take hold of that idea and run with it. A live interactive map of the server on our website at provides not only a nifty way to track down biomes and dungeons, but a bounty map for individuals and factions you wish to go after. Stay prepared and be keep an eye out over your shoulder! But don't let that dissuade you; its all in the fun of it!
Join today and be one of the first to experience this wonderful and simple server. The early bird gets the worm! Double xp for McMMO to celebrate server launch now actice.What are you waiting for. We are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you and helping you help us create the server you've always wanted!

Check us out today on our website at
Server address:
For some nice images from around RiceCube MC's spawn:

Server Rules:

  1. Staff have final say in what is allowed.
    2.No hacking, exploiting, or cheating.
    3.No spamming or advertising in chat.
  2. No recism or sexism.
  3. Any and all purchases or donations are non-refundable.
  4. No obscene or offensive creations .
  5. Do not ask staff for items or ranks.
  6. These rules apply to mods as well.
  7. Griefing, raiding, pvp at any time are all permitted and encouraged in good humor.

Core Plugins For Players:
-list sure to be expanded upon at player request

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