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The Vault is a ‘Post Apocalyptic’ themed server based off a variety of games and movies such as the Fallout series and Mad Max. The massive wasteland world lets the players thrive from the depths of abandoned mines to the heights of crumbling skyscrapers. Players can either choose to play alone or team up to make the ultimate band of bandits. Since the server is massively combat based, stepping out of the vault could lead to your painful fate. Face the threats of nature from dying of dehydration to being eaten alive by packs of mutant wolves. The server comes along with its custom texture pack made by the Brilliant Cookies_nom, We are grateful to share the amazing Vehicles and Weapons created by him adding the more original effect to The Vault.

The Vault has two in-game currencies; Vault Credits and Vault Tokens. Vault Credits are the common, default currency which players can find in loot, dropped from mobs or even earned through selling junk at Pawn Shops.
Vault Tokens are the rarer more valuable currency, Tokens are used to buy Keys for the Common, Rare and Elite Lockboxes. Tokens are a rare drop from any Mob but players receive one from the Daily reward plus one for each time a player votes.

The Lunar Network and the Vault are proud to show off a unique addition to Minecraft. Vehicles are the new fast transportation device used and paid for using in-game Credits. They vary in Model, Speed, Strength and all require fuel which is purchased at Gas stations scattered around the Wasteland. Cars have multiple seats in most vehicles which players can lock or unlock.

The Vault has its own gui based banking system which can be accessed at banks across the Wasteland. It comes with fancy features such as applying a 5 digit pin to protect your items from account hackers. The bank allows you to store backup items incase you die meaning you can return to the fight as fast as possible.

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Players can purchase Keys at any Keystore using Vault Tokens. These keys are used on the three Lockboxes found inside any Bank. The three Tier lockboxes are Common, Rare and Elite. Each with their own specific items and if you’re lucky the chance to get a free Rank upgrade.
There is also a fourth Lockbox found at spawn called the Series Lockbox. This contains the ordinary weapons but of higher tiers; Common, Uncommon, Rare and Elite each tier has increased damage. Unfortunately the Series Keys are not purchasable in game and have to be bought starting at $4.00USD at

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Clans are a purchasable feature that allow players to form their own bandit clan. This removes PVP between clan members and also allows the host to set clan homes where the clan can regroup. Only the Host needs to pay for the ability to make a clan while all the members have a fee in Vault Credits to join.

You will die, alot. It’s inevitable. Unless you are in a clan everyone is an enemy, others will want your loot as much as you want theirs. So what do you do about it? You kill them. Or, on the other hand they kill you, so be it. Maybe if you’re lucky they won’t entirely loot your corpse so you’ll have some things to get back on track. But there is no way to avoid Pvp on The Vault.
Basic pvping rules:
Don’t Hack (Bows are not used to Shame aimbots)
Don’t Ask Admins/Mods to tp you back to your death location (5 minutes in the Cell)
Cuss all you like, trust me we have played along with you guys we know the pain of dying
And do play nicely

Survivor Rank,
As a server striving to be bigger, better and more popular we need a way to earn to money to proceed doing so. So at the Asteron HQ we have put together our smartest Scientists to bring you the Hardcore Wasteland Survivor Rank, Aka: Survivor Membership. This provides players with the following benefits:
Access to more Vehicles
/tps Command
Clan Creating
Coloured, Custom names
Survivor Rank Next to Name
Vehicles Safe from thieves
More bank slots
Survivor Rank is a one time payment of $10USD at

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