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Dynamic Minecraft


We are a relatively new survival server with some unique features. We believe in the Minecraft dream. Where you can build a simple house, or build a skyscraper into the clouds. The sky is the limit in Dynamic Minecraft. We simply provide a fun medium for you to explore and build.

We don't have annoying whitelists. You come, you read the quick tutorials, follow the rules, and you're set. It's that easy.

We use Towny as a means of protection against unwanted griefers and to build communities. You are unable to build in the wild unless you purchase VIP. but you are able to mine/destroy in the wild.

We're an economy server. We have two main markets, player market and admin market. Admin market sells a variety of items for a reasonable price, and player markets sell whatever they'd like. You can earn money by selling ores at the admin market or by getting a job (/job).

I'm just letting you know a teaser of the server. If you'd like to see the true potential of the server, come check us out!

Server IP:
Server Location: Chicago, IL
Server Version: MC 1.5.2 - Bukkit
Server Slots: 75
Server is online 24/7

We have a variety of plugins including:

  • BOSEconomy
  • ChestShop
  • Essentials
  • Jobs
  • LWC
  • NoCheatPlus
  • PVPArena
  • Towny
  • and much, much more!

Visit our website:

The rules are simple here at Dynamic Minecraft. Follow them, or enjoy being jailed, temporarily banned or even permanently banned.

1.) No griefing
2.) Be polite to others
3.) Respect the staff
4.) Listen to staff members
5.) Do not exploit
6.) Do not advertise other servers
7.) Do not build offensive structures
8.) Do not ask for items
9.) Do not ask for a promotion
10.) Have some decency and common sense
11.) No /tpa killing.

There are more, but I don't think I need to lecture everyone about how to be a decent human being. If you follow these rules, you and the other members will have a lot more fun.

We hold a variety of events, each event has one winner who is rewarded greatly.

These events include:

  • PVP events
  • Spleef events
  • Maze events
  • Hunger Game events
  • and more!

We are always coming up with new fun events to do and wish to have as many people as possible to participate!

We believe our contributors should be rewarded, so we broke up the VIP packages into tiers.

This includes 5 different tiers:

  • Iron VIP ($5)
  • Gold VIP ($10)
  • Diamond VIP ($20)
  • Bedrock VIP ($35)
  • Void VIP ($50)
  • End VIP ($100)

To see a detailed list of the vip packages and perks, click here.


  • Carbon131
  • JMM
  • incognatious
  • ablasma87


  • pecyna91
  • zzxHU4Lxxz
  • romanthebuilder
  • Beyond274

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