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What is Pixlemon.
Pixelmon is Pokemon in Minecraft. In this you travel the world looking to find challenge, adventure, and fortune. The challenge of this is to go around the world and build the strongest army, in the world to beat the gyms and eventually the elite four champion. your adventure begins with when you enter the world (server). you get to pick one starter and from there you go out into the world build a homestead and/or join an existing group. the fortune in this game comes from battling other people, if you and the other player want when you battle you can make a small wager and the loser pays the other.

Towns are scattered through out the world in which you can heal pokemon trade or if the town has a gym challenge the gym leader.

Want some rare candy or want money in game to buy some items from the pokey-mart? Then we have something for you. our server supports voting so if you go to a support site and enter your minecraft user name and then click vote you will receive one rare candy and 100$ for every vote.

To enter the elite four and face the champion you must either have the correct number of gym badges or win the weekly tournament.

We also use TS3 to make communications easier, and have more fun while playing on our servers! We ask that you use your in game name when you sign up on the website as well as log into TS3 so that we know who you are :d (TS3 IP:

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