This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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NonFlavored Gaming [EE] [Cracked] [Towny] [ChestSh

  • Condensors ALLOWED
  • Energy Collectors & Relays ALLOWED
  • Forcefields ALLOWED
  • RM & DM Armor and Tools ALLOWED
  • Balkons Weapons ALLOWED
  • Reactors ALLOWED
  • ComputerCraft ALLOWED
  • Mining Turtles ALLOWED


  • Towny - To let players create their own towns and have fun with friends.
  • CoreProtect - Our Grief-Protection Rollback Plugin, works with all tekkit blocks.
  • BOSEconomy -Our Economy plugin.
  • Essentials - Basic Commands, /home, /warp, /list, etc.
  • MCJobs - A jobs plugin to help our players earn money.
  • xAuth - Our cracked login plugin, so people cannot log onto your account as you, (Cracked server, offline mode)
  • World Edit - To fix, or create large structures, move buildings, or save player creations.
  • WorldGuard - Our protection plugin, to protect spawn, Adminshop and other server structures.

-- We allow a good chunk of EE including Condensers, Alchemy Bags, Alchemical Chests, Diving rods and Stones!

-- We also allow almost all the Balkons Weapons! Muskets, Throwing Knives and Blunderbusses and Cannons are banned only because of Non-PvP Area killing/Griefing bug.

-- Even quarries are allowed, just please! Do not go around and let it spill out everywhere, keep it nice and clean, use pipes! Forcefields too!

-- Don't worry! We provide for you a good start, food, weapons, tools, even courtesy of an *alchemical bag so you can store all your nice things in there.

-- There are more then meets the eye, donate if you wish to get amazing benefits and special things, even town cash! It will also helps build our server. Check out the website provided to you for details!

-- Lack of money and need some? We have ways to get you money! Donate, you get a bit of money for doing so. Vote for the server, you get a nice bag of cash for being helpful to us, and we have a nice mod called MCJobs which you can assign yourself and do what you want to make money, unlimited benefits provided.

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