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The Aether Society

The Aether Society [Swedish and English](Svenska o

Found a city with old and new friends!
Explore a big world and enjoy lots of freedom.
Build a house and protect it with Towny!
Quest & Trade with traders and other Towns!
Build great structures and protect them with Towny

We speak English and Swedish. (Vi talar Svenska och Engelska)


We use towny to help you protect your creations simply claim that land. You can play alone or add friends new or old to your land and create a town and even nations! If you haven't used towny before we'll help you.

Visit our Website for Forums and News: Website:


The Aether Society started out as a semi-public server for a high school in Sweden a couple of years ago. It has since been restarted with a fresh 1.8 world and now after run as a semi-public server we are going public.

The server:

We want to keep server close to the vanilla gameplay but with some differences. We run Towny to help you protect your creations with or without friends or to create your own little community within the server. To keep it close to vanilla building in the wilderness is allowed. But it wont be protected as if you build in a town you're part of.

We also added some NPCs and Quests and are working on adding more if players enjoy that. There are also Trader NPCs at a designated area and a warp command to take you there. Its fully optional to use these and you could just as well play Vanilla minecraft if you'd like that.

We have long term goals for the server and don't intend on seeing it shut down in years to come. It's already had a long lifespan through different semi-public communities and going public we intend on seeing it continue its journey even further.

New to the server:

There are signs and "info signs" That explain most of the vital things at spawn. Such as good to know commands. If you're already familiar with the commands you could just get playing right away. The "info signs" are clickable and write out a longer explanation in the chat to give players more help then could be written on a bunch of signs.

But don't hesitate to ask us questions. We wont bite and we're quite friendly!

We have a website and Forums. It's quite young at the time I write this. But it will definitely be updated with more posts and we keep an eye on the forums for questions and such. If needed we could also post tutorials and guides we probably have some to salvage from our old site too.



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