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I am releasing a new factions server that is not yet Public. It is still a work in progress, However the Factions world and Creative world both work.

This server is focused on bringing fair minecraft gaming. What do i mean by fair, I'm talking about a 100% free to play game, not one where to use certain features of a game you must donate, or where donators are granted unfair advantages. Everyone at this server.

Things to do before going public:
-Create Spawns and portals For different Worlds
-Factions, Creative, Survival PlotMe are Functional
-Create A Merchant based Shop
-Players Will Speak to NPC OR use Chat Commands Inside of a Shop to buy items. Dragging items to the merchants inventory sells the items and dragging to yours buys it. Certain shops only buy/sell certain items. Prices are based on the amount of item the shop has in store

To Be done After going Public:
-Have MythicDrops fully functional

  • MythicDrops Gives a small percentage of Mobs dropping Named Items, with Lore that are already enchanted. Some Items must be identified with a tome which are also mob drops.

Basics of the Server:
Factions, PlotMe and Survival Worlds
PvP Enabled
Explosions Disabled
Greifing Disabled
Raiding Enabled
No Hate Speech
No Disrespectful Speach
No Excessive Swearing
Minimal Swearing is allowed.

Server Hardware:
38GB Boot Drive SSD
700GB Storage HDD
R9 280x

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