This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Hey Guys Aeonidai here Uploaded my server finally ip is JOIN NOW! 1.7 no mcmmo, opkits, factions, pvp and more to come! JOIN NOW! 1.7 spigot!

There is also a coupon offer 25% off of all donation ranks just by entering the redeem codes Coupon code: "DonkeyCraft"

Join the website! Here:

If you have any more suggestions for the server feel free to email the owner here:

The server is 24/7 so it will be up all day everyday :)

Server Help:

  • Killing Mobs will gain you a small amount of money

  • Selling items at Shop will also gain you money

  • You can also gain money from CasinoSlots

  • ./Sell items in your inventory/or your hand

  • ./Vote is a really quick way to earn money

  • Need help from an Admin use ./helpop

  • ./KS shows your kill/death counts

  • ./Buy shows all the available donation ranks

  • Killing players will gain you money

  • ./PV also known as ./Playervaults is a good storage plugin which you can store anything you have in your inventory without actually making a chest.


  1. No Swearing

  2. No TPA killing

  3. No hacked clients Nodus/Huzuni etc

  4. No flying in combat/or pvp

  5. No Racism

  6. No Server Advertising

  7. No spamming

  8. No innapropriate websites

  9. Don't ask for OP

  10. Don't ask for items

All these rules apply to everyone, even staff so if you're caught doing any of these rules which you shouldn't be doing will result in a ban.

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