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Come on, make yourself at home.
Here at RealismTown, we are a simple, but very well made server with a community unlike any other. we try our best to keep you and your things safe. With our anti grief plugins, any grief will be undone chests are protected, PvP is disabled, and horses have locks. We also are currently developing minigames to provide our players with fun things to do on our server. With all that, theres also a community-controlled economy with user made shops in our widely unique marketplace. Players are able to create chest shops in their homes and set warps for other players to use ! our economy is simple, but effective while players can set their own prices for different items.
In RealismTown, we try to add some progression and authority to the server with a wide variety of ranks that are not overpowered or ruin the survival gameplay experience.

Here are some of the ranks, which you can read more on after you join the server.

Guest, Warrior, Veteran, Expert, Ordion.

Here comes the Donor Ranks.


We can guarantee that every RealismTown staff member is handpicked and are very mature and friendly with vast knowledge of the commands and plugins we have to create the best experience possible. You can ask any staff member for help anytime. We don have abusive admins or kids as staff. In fact, every staff member plays legitimate survival like everyone else with no spawned items. We do not do drop parties when the server is full, we dont beg for members, we dont spawn out diamonds if you vote for us. All 100 survival and fun.
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