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People who like our idea and wanna play together.

What is MindChip:::::

What is this 'MindChip' thing anyway?
MindChip is basically the same thing as MindCrack. I want to make a server for a large amount of people who play nicely and have lots of fun. As well as that, you will have to record videos and post them to your channel that will be on our network.

What do we do with all the money?
This server will be special in a way that 50% of the profit goes to a charity of the community's choice.. The charity is chosen from the website, every month a list of 5 charities get put up on the website for the community to vote for. The charity with the most votes will be the charity i send 50% of the profit too!

Right, so let's say that we have 20 people on the network and it brought in a total of £300... I would take 50% of that (£150) and give it to the charity that was most voted for.

The other 50% gets evenly distibuted across all the people that made the money, i.e. the video makers. This is including me.

So, £150 divided by 21 (inc. me) = about £7.10.

So all the video makers would get around £7.

Now, On this website also, will be 2 figures, 1 would be the total money raised for charity of all time, the 2nd, would be how much was raised for the previous month.

Why are we doing this?
Well, I am a big fan of charity work. I have have a disability that i had from birth that made me loose sight in my right eye. I joined a charity called MACS, which is a charity in which they raise money for those who have partial or even total blindness. That includes me. So, I have raised a bit of money for this charity and will involve me this year, running into our local seaside beach waters on christmas day to raise money.

I have played Minecraft for years and want to connect more with the community but I want, at the same time, to give something to a charity.

I think that doing this will give people that dont have a big success in the YouTube world, something to do as well as earn a bit of money and feel good about the fact that they have raised money for charity.

One last thing...
This project isn't about getting alot of money and spending it on whatever, its about getting people more aware of the charities that help people survive through matters that we couldn't think of. We do this project for free, off our own backs, to give people something to watch. By watching us, helps us raise money for charities.

Thanks for reading and I hope us as a community can help others through the power of Minecraft.

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