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SymboliCraft SMP has just opened! We aren't any normal SMP though, we are a rankup SMP! The minute you join, you will see our team of amazing staff. This staff has brought this server to where it is today. We've been in development for about 1 month. Our 10 building ranks will keep you busy for a while, as they get harder and harder, but to reward you, each rank will get new kits, new commands, and multiple sethomes! We currently have 10 ranks, and we may add more! We use only the best plugins, to ensure the best user experience. Examples are Core Protect and WorldGaurd for grief prevention, Modreq to report any issues you encounter, FloAuction to auction your items and many more! Our server is 24/7, and we will try to have staff on at all times. Another thing for user convenience is no PvP in the main world. Instead, we have 2 PvP arenas, 1 Survival Games map(more to come) and Spleef on the way! We also have a creative world if gathering materials is too hard. You wont earn ranks for building in the creative world though, so it is suggested that you build in survival, so that way you can rankup! Our server has 0 tolerance for grief, so if you get griefed, do /modreq grief and a staff member will rollback the grief, and ban the griefer! For more information, go to our all new enjin site! Also, the IP is

I hope to see all of you on our new server!

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