This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Kadooosh [SMP] [PvP] [PvE] {1.7.9} {Paintball} {Cr

Server IP: 
Port: 25565 

Desc: This server is all about getting to know other people, and then either brutally murder them later or actually become friends! We almost always have people online, including admins. And if you're bored with the survival aspect of this game, we have multiple parkour courses, near 10 different paintballing maps, spleef arenas, and anything you can think of that the admins can build!

1: No Griefing, There will be NO 2nd Chances.
2: Respect your peers.
3: Do not ask for higher ranks, You can ask to be evaluated.
4: No advertising.
5: Do not spam.
6: PVP is allowed.
7: Racism & Sexism is an insta-ban. There are NO 2nd Chances.
8:Don't been overly obscene

Guest: This is our default rank, You get the ordinary building rights and teleporting. You build a home to get past this village.
Builder: You've now built a home, and are successfully sustaining life. You're now able to set your home with /sethome & warp. Build something advanced to get to the next level. Advanced:
Yay! Now you're getting somewhere, You've built something that interests the Admins and have deemed it Advanced, But you're not done yet. You've gained some new rights, But you're not at the top yet!
Elite: Now you've gained some respect. There's nothing new here, just a fancy new name tag. This means you're a regular and the Owner & Admins know you.
SMA: Super Mega Awesome builder! This is the first rank with Creative mode, here you'll get creative and all the commands in the previous ranks, you have to build something really hardcore to get to this rank.
LB: Legendary Builder.. Build something like those fancy cinematic videos have. It's pretty hard to get here, so don't expect to see lots here.
VIP: You get to this rank by donating. It's not necessary, but it is appreciated to keep the server going! :D
Moderator: These are the people to report another player to, Usually these people are in training so early in the summer because it's recruiting time. Do not ask for this rank, you will be invited.
Admin: These are the people that will ban your trash talkers & griefers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Plugins: ChairStairs, Citizens, CopyBook, CreeperHeal, GroupManager, WorldEdit, BooksWithoutBorders, Shelved Books, Marriage, TimberMP, RegionPreserve, Color4Signs, SignPortals, Essentials + Addons, GriefLog ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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