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This is a official crafting dead modpack from techniclauncher.
Link to download it, the server is owned by a guy named Gavin and he has owned
servers like these before and made a huge hit (popular) like Ailabs/Snazzygaming previously with around 100 minimum players a day. Now he owns Labsinc (website) join it and vote! First people to join have a chance of reward if the owner decides to have some :3
The server will have clans (server clans) you can donate for and get a base.
for example if you buy a clan and name it "Bunny" you can get the staff to add that prefix to other people you want in your clan that accept it or opposite. [Bunny] with the clans theme color. Don't be late to join, you might have a chance to become one of the greatest players! :D

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