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Free Build - No Griefing - Survival - PVE/PVP - Auctions - Economy - 1.7.2 Biomes & Items - More!

To visit the website:

Recent News:
We just had a map reset on 11/17/13! That means you can start fresh and really end up on top of the economy easier than ever!

How do I join the server?
Connect to the IP address listed below!

What are the rules we must follow when playing?
[1] No cheats, hacks, or exploits of any kind (if you think it might be an exploit - it probably is).
[2] Respect all staff.
[3] Do not ask staff for items.
[4] Do not ask for staff positions.
[5] No spamming.
[6] No homophobic / racist chat. Try to keep it appropriate.
[7] No advertising.
[8] No accusing of hacks in general chat - There is a category devoted to this on the forum.
[9] Do not encourage others to break rules.
[10] Use English in anything but private chats.
[11] No griefing.

Some plugins we offer:

AntiPvPLogger: No more players logging out in the middle of combat! This plugin will stop a player from chickening out and logging out to not die in a fight.

Auctions: This plugin adds a new way to sell your items to players on the server. It allows you to sell items to players and not just shops and also gives you the ability to sell enchanted items to players! This plugin is a real bonus to the economy as it keeps money going through other hands more often.

Votifier: This plugin gives players the ability to vote for our server on 5 different websites and will reward them with in-game money for doing so. This not only helps out the player by paying them but it also helps out our server to get noticed more. Each vote will give you $500 dollars in-game and you have the ability to vote on 5 different websites every 24 hours.

Mob Arena: This plugin really adds a lot of fun to the server and is one of my favorites. we have over 5 different mob arenas of all different types to make the plugin even better. The mob arena also gives players good experience for playing, some really good items, and is also a great way to level certain MCMMO skills!

MCMMO: This plugin gives you the ability to raise skills through various task in minecraft. The higher you get a particular skill, the better you become at that skill. Each skill has it's own little perk you gain from leveling it and it really does add a whole other dimension to minecraft.

Many more: We have in excess of 50 plugins that actually make the server what it is right now. To truly understand what the server is like you'd just have to try to out yourself.

Interested in applying for a staff position?
Visit our website to register and apply:

Here are some pictures of the spawn area

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