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ImpactCrafts Pixelmon Server [1.6.2] [24/7] [32GB


Here at ImpactCraft, we offer as many things possible to our players. We want to ensure there is as many possible opportunities for the players to enjoy themselves and have fun! So lets move on to what we have to offer...

Mods Needed:
Forge Mod Loader: ... .0.799.jar

Pixelmon 2.3.1:

Full Credit goes to the pixelmon dev team for producing this mod for all of us to enjoy.

Server Stats: Currently, we have dedicated hosting for this server only, optimized to enhance the speed of the server and thus eliminate all server lag. The server currently has 32GB RAM packed into it, and runs solidly ata 24/7 timeframe!

Survival Gameplay: The reason the server is survival is due to the fact that this mod does not only offer just pokemon into the game. It also offers craftable items that you can use to benefit you on your journey. These items include pokeballs, running shoes, healing tables to revive fainted pokemon, a PC, etc.

Grief Protection: When you first join the server, you will receive a golden shovel customized to show its purpose. Simply by holding the shovel, you will receive two pieces of valuable information. One of these being how much land you can still claim, and the other being a link to a tutorial on how to correctly claim your land. Ifyou are playing with a friend, you can region your area, and add them to that region by using the command"/trust (player name).

Gyms: Along with the mod, we have also implemented gyms for you to compete in to receive the opportunity to call yourself a champion. There are 8 gyms currently, more to come as the mod progresses in development,but you will just need 8 badges and you may then move on to battle the elite 4. If you beat them, then your challenge with the server champion awaits you...

Compass Teleportation: Due to the server being survival, it would be hard to find the gym locations and such. However, we have made sure there would be an easier way for all of you. On first join, you will receive a compass that has many locations defined for teleportation. These include the gyms, a pokemon center, the server shop, the museum, etc.

Marriage: A bonus to the server is Marriage. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife that you love to play with, then you can marry each other and be linked. This also comes with beneficial features. These features include an extra set home, which is shared between you and your partner (command being "/marry sethome" rather than "/sethome"), and instant teleports to your partner!

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